1986 Macgregor 25 Swing Keel Pop Top

  • Length 24’11”
  • Beam 7′ 11″
  • Weight 2100 lbs.
  • Draft keel down 5’8″
  • Draft keel up 1’10”
  • Keel weight 625 lbs
  • Sail area Main and Jib 236 sq. ft.
  • Number of Berths 5
  • Outboard power-max 10 hp.
  • Cockpit 6’7″
  • Mast Length 28′

1971 Venture 24

The 1971 Venture 24 sailboat has a fiberglass hull and has an overall length of 24.58 feet (sometimes referred to as LOA). The width (or beam) of this craft is 711 inches. This boat is rigged as a Sloop. The sail area for the sailboat is 231 square feet. The displacement for the boat is approximately 2000 lbs. The draft of this sailboat is approximately 4’6″.

(Draft refers to the bare minimum amount of water needed to sail your vessel. If you are buying a sailboat, check the waters where you plan to sail to make sure they are not too shallow for the craft you plan to buy.)

NOTE: I pulled the following photos off the internet to give people a good side profile if their struggling to ID their boat as I did.


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